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16. Power of Central Government to issue directions

17. Power of Central Government to supersede the Board

18. Returns and reports

19. Delegation

20. Appeals

20A. Bar of jurisdiction

21. Savings

22. Members, officers and employees of the Board to be public servants

23. Protection of action taken in good faith

24. Offences

24A. Composition of certain offences

24B. Power to grant immunity

25. Exemption from tax on wealth and income

26. Cognizance of offences by Courts

26A. Establishment of Special Courts

26B. Offences triable by Special Courts

26C. Appeal and revision

26D. Application of Code to proceedings before Special Court

26E. Transitional Provisions

27. Offences by companies

28. [Omitted by the Securities Laws (Amendment) Act, 1995, w.e.f. 25-1-1995]

28A. Recovery of amounts

29. Power to make rules

30. Power to make regulations

31. Rules and regulations to be laid before Parliament

32. Application of other laws not barred

33. [Repealed by Repealing & Amending Act, 2001]

34. Power to remove difficulties

34A. Validation of certain acts

35. Repeal and saving

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