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Sr. No. Name Description Download
21. Form GNL-2 Form for submission of documents with the Registrar. Download Form GNL-2
22. Form INC-5 One Person Company- Intimation of exceeding threshold Download Form INC-5
23. Form MGT-14 Filing of Resolutions and agreements to the Registrar Download Form MGT-14
24. Form MGT-6 Persons not holding beneficial interest in shares Download Form MGT-6
25. Form MSC-3 Return of dormant companies Download Form MSC-3
26. Form PAS-3 Return of allotment Download Form PAS-3
27. Form SH-11 Return in respect of buy-back of securities Download Form SH-11
28. Form SH-8 Letter of offer Download Form SH-8
29. Form SH-9 Declaration of Solvency Download Form SH-9
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